A Special Tribute to Mothers

It goes without saying that being a mother is a tough job. We are grateful for all the hard work and sacrifices that moms’ make for their families.

Mothers play a significant role in each household by balancing everyone’s needs and often forfeiting their own. At Jafferjees, we recognize the role mothers play, and for their extraordinary devotion and commitment to their families we are offering a 10% discount on all online purchases from 27th – 29th April 2019 (inclusive). Choose any product and show recognition. It may be a handbag, wallet, travel wallet, lipstick case, jewelry case, backpack or any other article that you think she will love and use.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Jafferjees online store and acknowledge mothers for their endearing love and affection. Place your online order now at https://www.jafferjees.com

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