Revamp Your Jafferjees Product

Leather products do not sustain. It is nothing more than a myth! No matter how lustrous your new purchase may be, they will eventually become desiccated and dull. That is why maintenance of your leather bags and other small accouterments is crucial if you want to enjoy them for as long as possible.

Jafferjees recommends giving your bags longevity by keeping them in an open basket, covered by our specially woven Jafferjees soft cloth, in a clean and dry environment. We advise against plastic and other non-porous wraps as mildew or bacteria are likely to ruin the leather.

Jafferjees has been creating high-quality leather products since the 1880s. We recognize that leather needs care, love and an occasional revamp. This is why Jafferjees offers leather refurbishing services to its customers so that they can walk away with their beloved Jafferjees bag refreshed and rejuvenated.

Don’t hesitate to bring your Jafferjees product(s) to your nearest outlet ( to refresh your possession. For more information and detail visit our website 

Note: For refurbishing, repair and maintenance services, terms and conditions apply.

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